Lunch Hacks

Keeping your child’s lunchbox exciting, yummy and healthy is a never ending job. Here’s a few fresh ideas that will have your little ones counting down to lunch time and will hopefully save you time on the daily prep.

Frozen fruit cups

Place cake liners in a baking tray and fill with your child’s favourite fruit. Pop it in the freezer. The fruit will defrost during the morning leaving nice cold fruit.

Delicious Dunkers

Dunking is so much fun for kids. Make your own by freeze dips in an ice cube tray. You can then pop a couple of cubes in a small container. Some carrot sticks or crackers depending on the dip and you have a healthy and cost effective snack that will be ready by the time they go to eat it.


DIY Stackables

I know I loved these when I was younger! Make your own stackable crackers. Buy some fun shaped cutters. Then chop some ham, cheese and vegetables and pop them all plus some crackers in a lunch box.

You kids will love building their lunch.

Be Prepared

Preparing as much of a lunchbox as you can the night before will save those precious minutes during the manic morning rush.



Secret Banana messages

Using a toothpick you can write a fun message on the banana peel. As it browns your secret message will reveal itself.


If you have any lunchbox hacks or inventive food prep ideas let me know in the comments or pop me a message.

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36 AWESOME Lunchbox Hacks for Back To School!

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