Balloon modelling with Jamie Jigsaw!

Thank you for purchasing this balloon modelling kit!
On this page you will find 11 videos to teach you 10 awesome and easy balloon designs.
There are also some fun facts about balloons and some tips on how to care for them too.
I look forward to seeing you at future events!
Jamie Jigsaw

Basic Skills

In this video you will learn some basic skills to start your balloon modelling journey.

Skills include;
– Inflating the balloon
– Tying the knot
– Loop twist
– Lock twist
-Pinch twist


Easily the most famous balloon model ever!
There is even a art sculpture of a balloon dog in New York by Jeff Koons.
Now you’ll learn how to make it too.


Aye aye captain! You’ll keep your crew mates in check with this balloon sword.

Biodegradable is a big word.

Biodegradable means a material that can be broken down by bacteria and micro organisms, living things that are smaller than we can see.
The balloons supplied with this kit are made from latex, which is a natural material.
It is collected from rubber trees, which can grow up to 43 metres.
They generally last up to 30 years and when they are cut down the wood can be turned into furniture too.


Not too different from the dog, but this demonstrates how changing the proportions of a design can change the animal. Don’t forget to draw her spots!

Laser Gun

Possibly the most dangerous balloon model in the whole universe.
Make sure you’re prepared for an alien invasion!


Don’t be scared of this balloon. This friendly balloon rodent is a small and cute design.

With great skills, comes great responsibility...

Whilst learning how to make your balloon friends, you will want to practice lots.
But once you have finish with your balloon, you must get rid of them in the correct way. As previously mentioned they are biodegradable, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them anywhere.
Once you have finished;
Pin it, then Bin it.
You need to deflate the balloon, then put all the pieces in the bin, even the small pieces, otherwise it could be a hazard to animals or very young children.

Lady Bird

Personally one of my favourite designs. It’s an adorable lady bird that you can wear on your wrist as a bracelet!


Make your own elegant swan, but make sure you keep it away from the sea! Latex balloons are biodegradable but must be disposed of properly.


A beautiful balloon butterfly that won’t fly away.

Caring for your balloon masterpieces!

Once you have made your balloon models, look after them.
They won’t last forever, but following some simple tips will make them last longer.
Keep them away from sharp objects, a balloon’s worst enemy!
Hot places like cars or glass tables that have been in the sun for a long time can be quite hot, not only for yourself but also your balloons.
Keep them off the grass, after all individual pieces of grass are called blades of grass. Grassy areas can have twigs and other objects that might pop your balloons.


You can scare your friends with thisss slippery sssnake! This design uses 2 balloons one for the body and one for his eyesss.


You’ll never be lost wearing this hat. Stand tall with your balloon headwear.

Continuing your balloon learning.

If you have enjoyed learning about balloon modelling and would like to practice more you should check out Playtime Balloons.
Not only will you find lots balloons of all colours and shapes, but also some useful tools and resources like to make creating your balloons even easier.


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